Sep 2, 2019

Impress a Girl with the Sports You Do

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Do you want to impress a girl you like? Do you think that she would be "wowed" be your sports skills? If so, this is your artical! Written by a girl, it's sure to work.

== Steps ==
=== Getting in Shape ===
# Because it's important to look good while playing your sport, you need to get in shape. To do that, we will do a week of intense workouts. 100 Situps. These can be spread out over the day, if needed. Do once a day all week.
# 200 pushups. Same as the situps, do once a day, can be spread out if needed.
# 1000 jumping jacks. Same as the situps and pushups, once a day, spread out. If any of these numbers sound intimating, scale down a bit for the first few days.
# Run 5 miles everyday. Treadmill, outside, whatever works for you!
# Do all these everyday for a week. Then, you should find that exercise comes easier to you.

=== Choosing a sport ===
# If you already play a sport, and are good at it, then skip to the next part. If not, proceed. To find a sport, you have to play a lot of different ones to figure out what works best for you. Most girls like sports like American Soccer, Football, and Basketball.
# Play the sport for a good bit of time to figure out if it's your thing. If not, move on to the next one.
# Once you have found your sport, invest all of your time in it. For example, if you have homework, knock it all out as quick as you can and then go play Football. Free time? Football. Become the star of the team. This may take longer that 3 weeks, but it'll work.

=== Get your girl to come to a game ===
# By now, you look great and are well known. Walk up to the girl, and tell her that you have a game soon. Give her the date, and ask her to come. Make this come across as chill, but hot at the same time.
# If you are feeling extra, give her your number and tell her to call you. She will be over the moon if the star of the basketball team has given HER his number.
# You are so close. Read the next section to figure out how to react.

=== At the game ===
# Do your thing on the feild, court, whatever, and wow her.
# After the game, find her and ask if she wants to grab a bite.
# I swear, if this doesn't work, you are better off without her, because she isn't a girl, she's an alien.


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