Oct 2, 2019

Beg for a Phone

Redirecting to Convince Your Parents to Let You Have a Cell Phone

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I will show you how to beg your parents for a phone. They are very easy steps. Hope I Helped you!!!
#REDIRECT[[Convince Your Parents to Let You Have a Cell Phone]]
== Steps ==
=== Asking Politely ===
# Start your day doing nice things for your parents. Like showing inititive. For example, doing the dishes without being told or doing the laundry.
# Then you want to tell your pernts you want to ask them something. Go have a seat on the cauch and ask them "May I have a phone?" You want to give reasons why.
=== Being mature ===
# If they say no then prove it that your mature.You should do your homework and be organized. You should also ask them how there day was.
# You should also have self-control, gratitude, compassion, and self- awareness.

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