Oct 20, 2019

Organize a Closet or Small Space

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Are you tired of living in a super cluttered and messy room or closet? Is your space small and does it get messy easily? Organizing does not have to be stressful and can easily be achieved by anyone by following these easy 12 steps!

== Steps ==
# Start by picking one room in your house that you want to organize. Taking on one room at a time will be a less stressful task. You should start with a smaller room. After you have selected what room you want to organize pick an area of the room, either a desk, a corner, a bed or other piece of furniture, or a closet. Start by removing everything from that space and moving it to the middle of the room. This will help the organization process by starting with a clean slate.
# Then once everything is moved out of the space start making two piles; a keep pile and a get rid of/donate pile. Once the piles are complete, section the get rid of pile into two piles: a throw out pile and donation pile. Anything with stains or rips throw out, but anything with mild ware can be put into bags to be donated.
# Take everything from the throw out pile and put it in a large trash bag and put in a garbage can to keep the space clean. Then take everything from the donation pile and put those items in bags as well to be donated. Start by looking up your local donation centers and locations such as a church, good will, or salvation army. Another way would be to call the purple heart foundation and schedule a pick up date and they will pick up the donations from your front porch.
# Now that you have completely cleared out that area of the room, take this chance to clean. Whether it is a desk, a corner of the room, a closet, or a bed; clean and dust that area. Wipe down any surfaces or vacuum the carpet or floor. If it is a desk put pens or pencils and other desk supplies into a drawer or take an old cup or mug and put the pens or pencils in it to make a pencil holder. Throw out extra paper and supplies away that aren’t being used and wipe down the surface of the desk.
# Create some form of organizational system with boxes or bins. You can either go on to amazon or another store and find storage bins with lids. You can also make your own  with supplies you have at home.
# Method 1 for storage bin options: Go to amazon or a store such as Target or Walmart. Once you have selected where you will be shopping select the size storage bin you want ( one that fits the dimensions of where you will be using it). Once you select the size you want, then think of how much you will be organizing to decide how many bins you will need to buy.
# Method 2 for storage bin options: Find old shoe boxes or cardboard boxes in your house, preferable ones with lids or tops. You can make divided sections in the boxes or bins by glueing upright standing pieces of cardboard into the boxes forming different sectioned off areas to create even more organization in the bins themselves.
# Once you have decided what methods of organization you will be using, organize your items in a way  that makes sense to you and in a way you will keep doing in the future. Put clothes with clothes, shoes with shoes, ect. Arrange the items in the boxes in a way that makes sense to you. Make sure all of the items that you use the most are the most accessible in the boxes, so keep those items towards the top of the bin or box.
# After all your boxes and bins are in place label them with a label maker or paper pen and tape. (box of shoes labeled shoes, box of clothes labeled clothes, ect.) There are a couple ways that you could label your bins and boxes.
# Method 1 for label maker options: You can go to an office supply store such as Office Depot or Staples and buy a label maker which is a tool that prints stick on labels. Start by thinking about what you want to label and how many labels you will need. Then type the label titles into your label maker and press print. Peel the backs off each stick on label and stick them onto according box.
# Method 2 for label maker options: You could make your own labels with paper, a marker, scissors, and tape. You will start by cutting pieces of paper into the shape and size you want the label to be. Then once they are all cut write the description of what is being stored in the box on the label (example: shoes, jackets, or Halloween decorations). Then tape them to the side or top of the according box.
# Once everything is in place and labeled put all the boxes back in an order that makes sense to you. Put the boxes you will need to access the most towards the front of the closet or room and the ones you won’t access very often towards the back.

== Tips ==
* For the best results, start with a smaller room because it will be an easier start and will help you not get discouraged.
* When dealing with clothes think about when the last time you wore that item of clothing was and if it was more than 6 months ago consider not keeping it in that space.
* Keep only seasonal appropriate clothing in your closet to reduce the amount of clothing clutter you have (don't keep sweaters in your closet in the summer or bathing suits in there in the winter)
* Old clothes that you are going to throw out can be repurposed into other things such and a cat or dog toy out if an old tee shirt. Start by cutting the shirt into three strips and then braid or twist the fabric into a long strand and tie two knots at the end. old fabric of any kind can also be turned into rags for cleaning bathrooms or kitchens.
* Keep non-seasonal clothes in boxes in the back of your closet or under your bed until needed.
* This rule applies to things other than clothes. Most good wills will accept any minimully used home supplies such as pots, pans, decorative pillows, end tables, ect.

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