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whether you wanna make some quick and easy money at school, or want to start a business, A slime shop is a way to make money, guaranteed! follow these steps to make the perfect slime shop
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== Steps ==
=== Buisness shop ===
# Everyone likes to play with slime, just make sure you dont make overrated types! Search up trading slime recipes then modify it to make it unique, then make a potion of it and take pictures, make sure not to make it over activated or under activated.
# Next you need to figure out how to price your slime for each amount. Search up how to price things to get profit on the web so you can make some money off of your buisness
# then you need to get the word out that you are making a shop! Advertising is critical, so make sure you go on every social media app, ebay, and amazon! when you start getting some money you an pay for ads that come up on games and youtube, and also you can get some commercials! Also, making a youtube channel is helpful too!
# Make sure that you have a way to get paid! whether its cashapp to meeting in person, you created the shop for money, right?
# Lastly, make sure you use your profit wisely. make your own website and make huge batches at a time! post your restock times and have a bunch of different varieties and sizes/amounts!
=== School shop ===
# first, go around your school and take a poll on the slime types they like best, and what they would pay at most for each amount and type. Then go home and come up with your prices for each amount
# Next, when you get to class start asking your best friends if they want to help or if they just want to buy some, if they wanna help ask them to help tell people about your shop! make your slimes to custom for what they order.
# plan a place where whoever ordered the slime can exchange money for the product, make sure they try it out to make sue they like it. make a time everyday you can go to that place. try to make it before school or in between classes so your teachers dont get suspicious
# have a form on index cards for your customers to fill out when they want one, keep a stack in your locker or desk, wherever you keep your stuff throughout the day
# lastly, make your slime as soon as possible and notify your customers when they should bring the money and if/when you are sick
== Tips ==
* make sure your parents are ok with this
* make the prices fair, but make sure you get at least $1-2 in profit
* this is a good way to impress your math teacher by figuring out the profit.
* make sure to include labels and warning signs for any allergy alerts and informing danger/harm if eaten
== Warnings ==
* don't eat slime
== References ==
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