Nov 9, 2019

Save and Share Your Minecraft Worlds

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This will teach you how to save and share your minecraft worlds, in 6 steps!

== Steps ==
# First you need a sharing site, i would reccomend Planet Minecraft (Link:
# Next, wou want to go into you .minecraft folder, and go into saves
# After that, you need WinRAR, if you don't ahve it get it here:
# Then, right click on the world folder and find winRAR, then click add to archive
# Next, make sure the archive folder is zip, and nothing else.
# Press OK, and you will find a new WinRAR zip archive of your world. Then you can share!

== Tips ==
* Planet Minecraft is just a place where you can get seen better.
* You can also copy the folder into a .zip file.

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