Dec 20, 2019

Athletic Gifts Your Sporty Friends Will Love

The best gifts for athletes can fall into one of two camps. There are the presents you know sporty girls will love: Black Lulu leggings, a gift card to a studio you know they're obsessed with, a cool new water bottle, a fresh pair of sneakers to replace the ones they're about to wear through.

These are the sure things, the products you're certain will be a hit with the female athletes in your life because they already use them.

Then there are the athletic gifts your active pals need — even if they don't know it yet. The niche, unique products may have your sporty friends scratching their heads when they first unwrap them. But two weeks later, they'll be texting you all about how obsessed they are with your find.

Both types of athletic gifts are winners. They'll feel great to give, and your sporty friends will be psyched to receive them. Here are a few of our favorite options in both categories.
This LeBron James-backed drink contains pea and pumpkin protein, plus amino acids that are meant to help your friend recover from even the most intense workouts. If you really want to zhuzh up the gift, also get them a blender bottle to mix the powder in, and fill the bottle with sweet treats and eco-friendly confetti.

Ladder Plant Protein, $, available at Ladder
The Sweaty Betty brand is becoming a household name in the athleisure world, on par with Lululemon. These thermal leggings will keep your runner friends warm and comfy on outdoor jogs all winter long.

Sweaty Betty Thermodynamic Thermal 7/8 Running Leggings, $, available at Sweaty Betty
They may not look fancy, but these little tablets are as prized as gold by fitness junkies prone to muscle soreness. Epsom salts contain magnesium sulfate, which is said to help unclench muscles. Tell your friend to drop a couple in a tub full of water for a supremely relaxing soak. These also contains lavender for extra calm.

cvs-health CVS Health Epsom Salt Tablets, $, available at CVS
Sneakers are a risky fitness gift. That's because most athletes want to buy their own shoes that accommodate their preferences, arches, and workouts. Socks, however? Go for it. A sporty person can always use more socks. Hook them up with these 2XU socks. They have compressing fabric in all the right places, and they have a little extra fabric on the back heel to prevent blisters.

2XU Vectr Cushion No Show Socks, $, available at 2XU
When I was training for a marathon, this foot massager was a life-saver. Athletes' feet can really take a pounding, and the Shiatsu-style foot kneading and soothing heat provided by this device will feel like heaven for sore tootsies.

HoMedics Shiatsu Elite Foot Massager With Heat, $, available at Homedics
This mid-layer jacket is perfect for training outdoors, and looks sharp even on sporty friends that prefer studio workouts. You can buy a version with yellow or blue embellishments too.

Gore Wear GORE® R5 Partial GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ Soft Lined Long Sleeve Shirt, $, available at Gore Wear
I'm obsessed with this mat because it's thick enough that you won't feel like you're doing yoga on the hard floor (thanks to a rubbery cushion base), and it's totally slip resistant.

lululemon The Reversible Mat 5mm, $, available at lululemon
This jump rope connects to an app that will offer hundreds of workouts. Plus, you can clip various light- and heavy-weight ropes to the handles to mix up your workout.

Crossrope Crossrope Get Lean - Weighted Jump Rope Set, $, available at Amazon

Is this a cliché? Doesn't matter. The Apple AirPods Pro really are the best earbuds for exercise. They're sweat-resistant, they fit securely, and they have a noise-canceling feature that you can turn on to get in the zone, but easily turn off for safety (like if you're near busy streets or running alone).

Apple AirPods Pro, $, available at Apple
This helpful triage kit is waterproof and lighter than your wallet. The Uncharted Supply Co. put it together after interviewing over 100 outdoor experts, so it includes every essential you could imagine: a blade, safety pins, bandaids, Aspirin, burn gel, and matches. Expect to hear "thank you" twice. Once when they unwrap it, and again the first time it comes in handy.

Uncharted Supply Co. Triage Kit, $, available at Uncharted Supply Co.
It looks weird, but once your friend uses the Theragun they will fall in love with it. It uses repetitive strokes to massage your muscles quickly (it'll hit 40 times a second!) to stimulate circulation and help decrease deep tension. Plus, there are different attachments for different aches.

Theragun Theragun G3PRO Deep Tissue Massager, $, available at Amazon

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