Dec 14, 2019

Beat Umaro

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Umaro has a cave and thats where he hides

== Steps ==
# go to narshe [world of ruin of course]fight valigarmanda [you'll get his magicite]then drop down the hole ill bring you to a cave from here on i suggest finding a trap and droping down the trap is how to get to his part of the cave
# then when you finally find his cave grab the magicite from the skull and Umaro will get angry and come down the stairs and fight you
# now use fire [firaga] thats his weakness poison is okay too then if you beat him if you have mog on your team he'll join!

== Tips ==
* if you want Umaro on your team then i fully advise that you bring mog along or fighting Umaro is completely useless.
* if you want to beat him in two hits then i advise leveling terra and celes to level 45 each then go back and use firaga and it'll do 9999 damage and he'll be dead in two hits

from wikiHow - Recent Changes [en]

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