Dec 20, 2019

Help a Cat Walk with a Cast

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read this to learn about how you can walk your cat with a cast.
== Steps ==
# [[Image:Imagesy.png|center]] Let your cat practice walking. The cat usually walks weirdly when she tries to walk. The cat also has pain whenever she tries to walk. If the cat can't walk still, you can try to lift your cat up from the floor and move forward every time she moves her legs.
# [[Image:Downloads.jpeg|center]] Let your cat have a break. Your cat needs recovery if your cat has a cast. Your cat can't run or walk very much if she has a cast. The cat can grow the pain and make the injury worse. The cat needs to relax a few minutes after the cat as walked.
# [[Image:982da9e9 8858 443a 908a 5594aed79425.png|center]] Put a harness on your cat. your cat is more comfortable with a harness. If your cat has a collar, the cat can get injured because the leash pulls the cats neck back or forward. The harness is more safer for your cat.
# [[Image:982da9e9 8858 443a 908a 5594aed79425 (1).png|center]] Walk your cat for a short amount of time. The cat can't walk at a curtain amount of time. The cat can walk for about 2 minutes. The cats broken bones can sometimes break again if they are almost recovering.
# [[Image:Images (100000000000).jpeg|center]] Let your cat rest. The cat might be really tired of walking. The cat needs to have plenty of rest after any walk or exercise. You can also give pain killers or muscle relaxers to your cat. Make sure the pain killer is for cats!

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