Dec 1, 2019

Revive Your Elf on the Shelf's Magic

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Hey guys whats up? dolphinlover77 here, and if you had an elf but you touched it by accident and it lost its magic, DONT PANIC! you can revive its magic easily. all you need is to know how.

== Steps ==
=== Saying Sorry ===
# you have touched your elf. it lost its magic. now you need to write your elf or santa a note saying "im sorry i have touched my elf and now it lost its magic. can we please renew it?"
# your elf may respond by writing a note back or trolling and treating you again. if it doesnt respond, i dunno what to say. :(
# it is the most effective way to revive your elf's magic

=== Giving it "elf vitamins" ===
# Do you have any cinnamon? If so, thats great! if not, buy some then
# sprinkle the cinnamon right next to your elf
# wait
# cinnamon is like vitamins to elves. so it may get your elf better soon! :)

=== Carols ===
# elves love christmas carols! so sing a carol near them!
# just wait after

== Warnings ==
* you should only hold the elf by the tip of its hat. if you hold it anywhere else, it could lose its magic

== References ==
* i got this from


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