Dec 18, 2019

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archiving my talk page

New page

<center><div style="background: linear-gradient(to right, #FAE8EF, #FADADD); border-radius: 50px; border: solid 8px #DB7093; font-size: 20px; font-family: Papyrus; position: fixed; right: 0%; top: 20%; left: 65%; overflow:visible; z-index:9999; color: black">Hi there, and thanks for visiting my talk page!<br> Feel free to leave me a message below,<br>and I will try to respond within a few hours.<br>Have a good day! :)</div></center>
<div style="background-color:#DB7093; font-family:Papyrus; border-style:solid; border-width: 15px; border-color:#DB7093; border-radius: 50px; background-image: linear-gradient(to bottom right, pink, #FADADD, #DB7093, #FADADD, pink, #FADADD, #DB7093, #FADADD, pink); background-repeat: repeat-x;padding: 2px">

Hey Flora are you good at proofreading?

I was wondering if you could proofread and evaluate this [[Get Unpatrol Blocked on wikiHow|article]] of mine.

thank you

Thanks I currently am Patrol Blocked and cant file for a appeal again until wednesday. I am going to ask Jayne to add some things tomorrow. If you think of anything else you want to add go ahead.

I missed the question on external links

Do you know if any admins are on?


okay thanks i will do it.

thanks for telling me that.

You're welcome! I just found a good reason to give you another :) Hope you're having a lovely day!

It was merely me saying I would have but I do understand that yes.

They also have been saying that they wont see eachother for a long time so I guess we'll just have to wait it out.

Thanks for your edits on [[User_talk:Editor Jr.]].
Just wanted to highlight, looking at the contributions for [[Special:Contribs/Steve5|Steve5]], he has only dropped by once in a blue moon to make one patrol or helpful edit for a while. Yes he is a long term contributor, but he spends more time in the forums than improving wikiHow. [[User:Awesome Aasim|<span style="color:green;">Awesome</span>]] [[User_talk:Awesome Aasim|<span style="color:blue;" title="Check my status before pinging or posting to my talk page!">Aasim</span>]] 21:31, 25 September 2019 (GMT)

Thanks for your edits on [[User_talk:Steve5]].
Beautifully formulated. Thank you :) [[User:Awesome Aasim|<span style="color:green;">Awesome</span>]] [[User_talk:Awesome Aasim|<span style="color:blue;" title="Check my status before pinging or posting to my talk page!">Aasim</span>]] 22:07, 25 September 2019 (GMT)

Awesome work you did on [[Write a Honest and Respectful Letter to Your Alcoholic Parent]]!
Thanks for adding to that stub article your making in much better.

I wasn't this might be beneficial to a kid in my class im gonna email him the link to it.

Did I mark the nfd tag right on this article

Hello Flora,<br>
Thank you for editing my [[Get Your Patrol Rights Back on wikiHow|article]]. All your edits were much apreciated. Without you my article would be as bad as it was at the start.
<br>Editor Jr.

Thanks for your edits on [[User_talk:ChronicallyAnnie]].

Thank you for reverting that!


Yes it is thank you :)


I am so sorry I have been bumping up old threads. I did not know that this was discouraged. Thank you for informing me on this useful thing.

Thanks for your edits on [[Tell when a Watermelon Is Ripe and Ready for Picking]]. Spot on categorization from you, as per usual. I wish I liked watermelon....It's so pretty, but, to me it just taste like slightly sweet cucumber! Hope you're having a good day/evening.

HI Sewing girl

I know I have no right to complain about others but [[User_talkːMax1346]] has been bumping and copying my user talk background and your float messages and mine too˄̻ ̊ː

<div style="border-color:#93b874; border-style:solid; border-width:1px"><div style="background-color:#93b874; padding: 1em;"><center><font color="#424141"><font size="5">'''The wikiHow Herald'''</font></font><BR><font size"2"><font color="#FFFFFF">'''Enjoy your talk page delivery of The wikiHow Herald'''</font></font></center></div></div>
<div style="background-color:#B4D697; padding: 0.5em;"><font color="#666666">
<center>'''Issue 20 &mdash; October, 2019'''</font></center></div>
<div style="background-color: #F6F5F3; padding: 1em;"><font color="#666666">
Welcome to The wikiHow Herald, a monthly newspaper designed to help keep the community informed about recent changes and developments that you care about.
<big> [[wikiHow:Herald/Interview-with-Jayne|Interview with Jayne, New Community Manager]] </big><br>
In this edition of The wikiHow Herald we sit down with [[User:JayneG|Jayne]], who has been in her new role as wikiHow's Community Manager for about 2 months, to learn more about her, what brought her to wikiHow, and what she's most excited about for the future of the community and the wiki. ([[wikiHow:Herald/Interview-with-Jayne|Continue reading…]])

<big> [[wikiHow:Herald/Save-the-Date-for-2020-Meetup|Save the Date: 2020 wikiHow Meetup]] </big><br>
It's official &mdash; the date and location for the 2020 wikiHow meetup has been announced... ([[wikiHow:Herald/Save-the-Date-for-2020-Meetup|Continue reading…]])

<big> [[wikiHow:Herald/Thrive-in-Your-20s|wikiHow to Thrive in Your 20's, a Mini-Series]] </big><br>
One of the newest wikiHaus experiments involves creating a mini-series on how to thrive in your 20's. The first installment in the mini-series features our own [[User:Hapayne|Halle]] and [[User:Erika.Noble|Erika]]. ([[wikiHow:Herald/Thrive-in-Your-20s|Continue reading…]])

<big> [[wikiHow:Herald/Meet-a-wikiHowian/HelperOnWikihow|Meet a wikiHowian: Helpie]] </big><br>
During this edition of The wikiHow Herald, we learn more about [[User:HelperOnWikihow|Helpie]]!
<center><i><b>[[wikiHow_talk:Herald/Subscribe|Click here]] to manage your talk page delivery subscription status.</i></b></center>

HI Sewing girl

thank you it was a great help for me.


Thanks for your edits on [[Be Less Self Conscious About Beauty]]. Nice cleanup on this one, Flora!

I'm having a great day, thanks! Enjoy the rest of yours :)

could you help me with some cleanup on my article?

Thanks Flora, you too!

NAH l like my page the way it is.

l dont need any decorations

My bi-weekly wikibreak is now over. (That has nothing to do with what im saying.) How are you doing today?


<br>Hello ,
<br>The awards team is currently being redone so you may see some changes to the pages. This is version 2.0 for the Awards Team as the owners left and so did the members. If you join, you shall need to read the guidelines and add your name.

Thank you! the instructions are listed on the page!

You can also help by sending the exact same thing I sent to you to other wikiHowians to spread the word let @Editor Jr. know!

Hello Flora,
<br> The Awards Team has been aborted. Reason is on my talk page posted by Alex (AKA Galactic Radiance). I would just like to apologize for ending it so soon after you joined.

Thanks so much!

Thanks for your edits on [[Get the Horse Yggdrasil on Howrse]]. That's not minor cleanup, it's amazing cleanup! :D

Hey Flora hope your having a good day.

Ah, you were so close! I think you might've been trying to fix the reference above the one that was broken. I just had to remove a linebreak and it was all good :) I'll have a think about the wording of that "no big deal" part too - nothing's coming to me right now, but maybe in the morning. Have a nice evening :)

You are welcome.😊

how do I make such UIB's on my own.
can you help me in it.

Hey Pretty...

l am new here. l heard that you can decorate a talk page, can you decorate mine in pink theme l won't mind if you make it late, take your time please...

♡ kitty paw♡

Can l call you kitty paw.

Okay l would like a dotted border in completely pink..
You can take your time editing.
Thank you...

Thank you. This is even better than l expected it would be.
Grateful of you.

l would prefer a UIB of room decor ,karate and unicorns.

okay l will be paitent. thank you

wow they are excactly like l imagined

and even more better too

ok Flora


big summer blow out

hi how ru rajesh here from india what about u

No problem, great cleanup there! And thank you so much!

Thanks for your edits on [[Mod Attack on Titan Tribute Game]]. Nice cleanup as always Flora! :)

Flora, would you be willing to decorate my talk page and give some information about me below my profile like yours has?

Okay, thanks so much. I was able to find someone else to help. I am planning to get it redecorated around Christmas, with the colors Red and Green, so you have the job in December.

Actually, I have a job for you right now. Would you be willing to make me some UIBs?

This author lives on the East Coast,
This author has performed on live television 5 times before,
This author hopes to major in acting, singing, or fashion
This author has always believed in unicorns
This author is 15 years old
This author's birthday is on April 12th
This author was homeschooled from K-7th Grade


Yes, my state is Maryland.

I love it! Could you please remove the homeschooled one?

Oh okay.

Thanks for your edits on [[Make Sloppy Joes]]. Thank You! Silly me using { instead of [ and I was so pleased I got the right category! I appreciate your correction. Have a great weekend.

how are you and what do horses eat

I just requested an account deletion. Wanted to say goodbye. Thanks for the UIBS and everything else. I might check in every once in a while under an IP address, so If Ic comment here and say that I am Keepingitcool, believe me lol. Bye Flora!

I'd prefer not to say. But I will check in every few months or so.

I'll miss everyone here :(

It's just time though. Thanks for everything Flora.

what are you doing today

Same to you!

Yep! I am!!! PARTAY!

Do you go to school? Where do you live? It's 12:00 on a Monday and I know I am off cause of a holiday called Army Day. I mean it might be like 6:00 where you live but just wondering.

I am homeschooled too!

Oh, I have always wanted to go to California.

Can you archive my talk page?

Okay, let me know when you do, and then I want to talk to you about something on the forums later

Thanks sooo much!!

How old are you?

Okay, thanks. I just joined the UIBs Team and started adding some to my own page for practice.. I am pretty bad at it. I just tried to add on to my page for sewing (because it's sooo fun) and I ended up with one that says This user cannot sew and pricks her fingers every time she tries.



How did you make your custom Talk Page?

(I am aware of my username and it have sent a request for it to be changed).

Sure, that would be wonderful. I would like a light blue color and a poke-a-dot border. Only if it not a problem to you!
I do apologize for my first username, I was not aware at that time, so no problem at all. :)

Thank you so much, you're amazing!

Thank you. :)

Thanks for your revert on [[Shred Chicken]] and others today! Are you having a nice week so far?

Thanks for your edits on [[See Unread Emails in Outlook]]. :)

You too! ^_^

Thanking Note.

Seems Like You Have Changed Your Talk Page.

Thank You.

Hi There.

You Seem To Have Trouble With [[Max1346]] Don't You Worry l Tried Removing Them From His/Her Talk Page, As l Knew It ls An Illegal Thing To Do.

l do not need to change it like l said. someone changed it and removed it from my talk page maybe that is you or taeha.

who on earth is this wiki help bot. he seems annoying


Could you please help me make my university banner on both my talk/user page less wide, and more condensed please? I’ve tried a few times, but have had no luck, and would prefer to not have a banner go all the way across that page.

Hoping you can help me! Jayne recommended you. :)


Thanks for trying! It’s good for now, and I’ll try to fix that bug of mine in the future. :) [[User:Ruah|I am a girl. Not a boy. ]] ([[User_talk:Ruah|talk]])

Haha yes! Changed it back though.

na im good

how do i post my own pics

do you want to be friends you seem like a nice person even though i haven't met you yet do you actually sew

cool i am in the middle of making a king sized quilt for my dads birthday

Thanks for your edits on [[User_talk:Ellaamy]].
Windows as a category isn't for articles about curtains and blinds eh! This made me chuckle.

Okay! Good to know.

Hi Sewing Girl! I saw your message on my talk page and I'm happy to report that I really enjoy being on wikiHow. I feel like my writing skills are starting to improve, and I have realized how much I love editing!

Thanks for your reverts on [[Make a Balloon Car]] and others today! Happy Halloween! :)

Nothing exciting! The street over from ours gets super into Halloween, so I might take a walk down there and see everyone in their costumes, but that's about it. How about you?

I'm either super early or super late, and there's no in-between :P

Maybe Jayne or ExoticComet or one of the other admins that likes to play forum games.

This will be hard, maybe I should have it be "quick before the staff close the thread" so that we are out of reach of admins but still in reach of users like [[User:JayneG]]. [[User:Awesome Aasim|<span style="color:green;">Awesome</span>]] [[User_talk:Awesome Aasim|<span style="color:blue;" title="Check my status before pinging or posting to my talk page!">Aasim</span>]] 20:26, 2 November 2019 (GMT)

Thanks for your reverts on [[Avoid Being Rickrolled]] and others :)

Thanks for the thumbs up! :)

i think is good


Nice rollback on [[Plan and Execute Assaults in a Warzone]]! Hope all is well!

flora are u an editor plz get back to me as soon as u can

Hi Flora! Thanks for your edits on How to [[Get the Most Out of Your College Meal Plan]]. I agree that it's probably not quite ready to go live yet. I took out the images because I wasn't sure about the licensing on most of them. Then looking it over, I think it would benefit from being split into sections, but I'm not sure if there are clear sections at the moment; potentially something like "Deciding on your plan", "Before you go" and "Using your plan" or something like that, which might help see what needs expansion. No worries if that's not something for you, it's just a thought I had. Perhaps someone who has a meal plan will come along and help it out! :)

Wow! I think those sections really make it feel much better! Thank you for that :) I don't have experience with meal plans either, but I think it's really coming along. I really enjoy seeing your edits on articles, because they're always so thoughtful and constructive.

You're welcome :).

Hey Flora,
<br>Just to let you know I reverted a comment on your page that was not the nicest thing.

can u make me uibs please

dogs baseball and that stuff anything but no atheist or that stuff and border to please

can u do more and thx u can do any

flora can i start doing uibs?


like my page


do you think i can start making uibs for people

do you like my talk and user page

== Lovely Messages ==


Thanks for your edits on [[User:Sewing Girl]].
Good catch there Flora

sry lol

Could you help me out with my user and talk page, I attempted to do it myself, but I have run into some trouble

Thanks so much dear. I just remembered I had this one I uploaded years ago. So, I used it. Editor Jr, R2 and I are collectively using it. :)

How do you spend your Christmas day? :)

Thanks so much dear. I just remembered I had this one I uploaded years ago. So, I used it. Editor Jr, R2 and I are collectively using it. :)

How do you spend your Christmas day? :)

Christmas means a lot to me. I feel glad inside that it is Yehoshua's birthday, that the world celebrates. We have a birthday too so, the birthday celebration and Christmas gets celebrated together. Then 5 days later it's new year. 🌄

Hey happy Christmas and new year ((sorry off track)) still and if you have a December birthday like me happy birthday!!!!!!


Im responding to your post on my talk page on what colors I want, I would like lime green and black, somthing pops, but not an eye sore, Thank you!

Thank you it looks awesome!

Hey sewing girl thanks for categorizing my article! I hope I get it in!

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