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Achieve Good Grades in School

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Easiest and FREE way IN YOUR BRAIN to help you achieve good grades like me ;)
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== Steps ==
=== Listening to your instructions. ===
# If you don't listen to what you are told then you will end up regretting it on a remarkably high level, teachers do not tolerate bad behaviour or lack of independance so make sure your ears are to the teacher. Since after all, they went to university not you and the always explain your objective before you begin.Soon after,you will remember what the teacher has told you and the majority of the class will get the majority of the questions correct.On the other hand, the kids with lack of respect, listening, not talking and habit of fidgeting will not pass any test like your vital SATS.
=== Shut yourself out of the social world. ===
# From previous experiences to the boy I sit to on the right hand side of my desk,i have learnt that not speaking and not socializing means that your brain does not have to multi-task and you can focus on one thing. Past experiences made me regret of talking to the boy in the left about abbreviations and ended up wrting 'u' instead of 'you'. So focusing on your work can help you focus on only solving or adding vital words to your magnificent writing or maths (science,etc.)
# Doing your homework is something you must not forget as it contains easier or harder questions you might receive and possibly respond in your tests.So make sure to do your homework constantly and not rely on a calculator GIRL ON THE TABLE TO THE LEFT OF ME :) with all due respect, Ana.
== Tips ==
* Make sure you can actually follow this then give up the next day! One day will not do anything it must progress into an everyday habit!!!
== Warnings ==
* Might be offensive to those with learning or mental disabilities,I mean in no disrespect to offend anyone this is meant to be helpful not discouragement! SO if you have learning or mental problems it is best to sign off this article! Brief Help from: Ana L

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