Jan 13, 2020

Free Roam Your Rabbit

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Want to free roam your rabbit? Read this article!

== Steps ==
# Get to know your rabbit. The first thing you need to do to have a free roamer is get to know that fluffy little fuzzball! Here are some things you should know:
#* Where do they like to hide? Under the couch or in their pet carrier?
#* What do they like to chew? Are they liking that baseboard?
#* What does your rabbit love to do?
# Spay or neuter them. This is extremely important for a free roam rabbit.
# Litter box train them.When their tail goes up, scoop them up and put them in their litter box. Reward them with treats.
# Do small steps. Start with a playpen, next, move to supervising them when they're free roaming, then, go out for a few hours, and finally have a free roaming rabbit.
# Trust your rabbit.
# Bunny proof your house. Put cords and plants up.

== Tips ==
* Have lots of toys so he or she doesn't chew your stuff.
* Free roaming does not mean the rabbit has to be roaming around your whole house 24/7. Feel free to put them in their hutch at night or block off certain parts of the house.

== Warnings ==
* Put cords and plants up, for these can be life-threatening to rabbits.
* Be prepared to make mistakes.

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