Jan 7, 2020

Gisele Bündchen And Dior Are Bringing You Self-Care Tips That Will Help You Chill

If you’re a face mask junkie like me, you know that self-care and skin care go together at least well as Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady. Dior knows this too, and perhaps that’s why they made the Brazilian supermodel the face of their latest Capture Totale campaign. 

In three white lily-laden videos released this week with the Dior launch, Bündchen opens up about her struggles with anxiety, and reveals how she de-stresses.

“When I was in my early 20s, I experienced panic attacks, and I felt like my world just kept getting smaller and smaller,” she reveals. “I became a prisoner in my own life. From the outside, I guess, I could have everything, but really I was feeling like I couldn’t breathe.”

Bündchen realized she needed to change her life and form habits that would help her let go of her anxiety and worries. 

Today, she says one of her release valves is getting into nature as much as possible. “When I want to de-stress, there is nothing like being in nature,” she says. “It could be in the ocean, it could be in the mountains, it could be removing my shoes and putting my feet on the ground and just feeling the earth.” Honestly, you’ll feel soothed just watching her talk about it (while sensually sniffing Chinese jasmine flowers).

Bündchen also makes room in her schedule for “me time” — even if it’s short-lived. “We get pulled in so many directions,” she shares in the “Beauty Lessons” video. “It’s so important to take a moment to disconnect from all of that. A moment with yourself to just be with yourself — even if it’s 10 minutes a day.” 

This the 2020 reminder we all needed, especially in these first few weeks of the year as you might be tempted to prioritize keeping up with your resolutions over taking care of your wellbeing. (Guilty! Just today, I chose an early morning workout over the sleep I really needed.)

Whether your version of self-care looks like slathering on the hyaluronic acid-packed Super Potent Serum from the Dior line or meditating for one minute, make time for it. You’ll thank yourself — and maybe Gisele — later.

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