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Install Bifold or Double Doors


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Liquid error: wrong number of arguments (given 1, expected 2)[[Image:French Door 1.jpg|right|249px|thumb|Double French Door ]]Which is best to install, a Bifold or Double Door. You need to know which works for you and which is a better solution.
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== Steps ==
#  Determine if you have sufficient space to install double doors. Bi-folds have pins and a track that the door rides or operates in. This track and the pins get worn over time and can become problematic. Be sure you have enough room to open both doors and still have room to maneuver around them. Double doors install much like a single swinging door. They operate with hinges instead of the pins and track, therefore they usually require less maintenance.
#* If space limits your decision, such as a hallway or small bedroom. Then a bifold can be used. An advantage of the bifold, is they will only protrude into the room half as much as a swinging door when open.
#  Set the upper track back in 3/4" on the jambs. This will allow trim to be placed in front of the track and conceal it. It looks much neater when the metal track is covered. Set the pin guides at the bottom. Measure to the center of the upper track you installed. This will also be the center of the bottom guides at the bottom. Install the pins in the top and bottom of the door and insert them into guides located in the track and bottom guides. Adjust door clearances as necessary.
== Video ==
== Tips ==
*Install a double swinging door if space permits
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