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Liquid error: wrong number of arguments (given 1, expected 2)Have you ever tried to make an article on wiki how but always get a stub or ready for detelation? If you want to know the proper ways to make an article all you need is a pencil and paper. It can take a while to make it but it sure will get published. Even if you never had a article published this can work for you to make a better article without getting stubs and how it's not for wikihow.
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== Steps ==
=== Five W's ===
# The five W's. To start off get a paper and pencil and write down.
#* who
#* what
#* when
#* where
#* why
# Next think of a topic of something. Such as How to relax the mind and body
# Who. Think about who can do that thing that your writing about so it can make sense.
# What. Think about like what is it or what happens if you do it so that the reader can understand what there doing. And it also means the main idea.
# When. Think about when's the best time to do it. It could be like at recess or some activity that your doing. So focus on where you can do and whens the best time to do it.
# Where. Think about where that person can do it. For example at school or in your bed room
# Why. Focus on something thats the same topic and why they should do it.
=== Steps ===
# Steps. On your paper go like two spaces down. Write step one and figure out how many steps you think you want your article to be. For example 6 articles.
# Write down what you put on the top but in a sentance and how they can do it.
=== Intro ===
# Starting point. You want to make sure that you want to make your intro. First write something that can catch your readers attenion so they can feel instered.
# reviseing. For revising you want to make sue everything makes sense and has a bit of every thing of each from the list from your five W's.

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