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Make a Clan on Animal Jam (Non Members)

There is no difference for members or non members.

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Liquid error: wrong number of arguments (given 1, expected 2)Are you bored on Animal Jam? Are you a Non-Member and want to start your own clan but can't get the right information to make it? With a little bit of time and strategy, this wikiHow will show you how.
#REDIRECT [[Make a Clan in Animal Jam (Members)]]
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== Steps ==
#Create an account. If you have already created an account, get a tiger, as it's a cat. [[Image:Make a Clan on Animal Jam (Non-Members) Step 1 Version 2.jpg|center]]
#Choose natural cat colors, patterns, and clothes. Good colors to choose are gray, brown, and black. Have patterning such as swirls or splotches. You also must pick the clothing carefully, and make sure it's natural, such as a lei or head flower (not a tiara, skirt, etc.)[[Image:Make a Clan on Animal Jam (Non-Members) Step 2 Version 2.jpg|center]]
#Name your animal with a clan name. The last part ___star is for leaders, so make the last part star only for yourself. Example: Stormstar. [[Image:Make a Clan on Animal Jam (Non-Members) Step 3 Version 2.jpg|center]]
#Name your Clan as well as yourself. The name must be natural. Do '''not''' name your clan WindClan, ThunderClan, RiverClan, BloodClan, TigerClan, LionClan, LeopardClan, SkyClan, or ShadowClan, as those are names from the books. Names like ReedClan or LeafClan are examples of good names. [[Image:Make a Clan on Animal Jam (Non-Members) Step 4 Version 2.jpg|center]]
#Get a ton of green pillows, green couches, and plants from the shops and make them into dens. The medicine cat den should have lots of trees and plants because he\she is the doctor of the clan and uses herbs. The warrior den should be bigger because there will need to be many warriors, and they hunt and fight for the clan, so they are the most popular. Apprentices are the cats in training and are trained by warriors or the leader, so make it slightly smaller. The leader's den should be just for you, but don't make it ''too'' big. The deputy sleeps in the warrior's den, so he or she doesn't have a den to themselves. [[Image:Make a Clan on Animal Jam (Non-Members) Step 5 Version 2.jpg|center]]
#Get people in your den and start advertising your clan in Jamaa Township for a while.[[Image:Make a Clan on Animal Jam (Non-Members) Step 6 Version 2.jpg|center]]
#Name your warrior cats.  ____paw is for apprentices and ___kit for kit names. For warriors, you can name them almost anything. Just don't have your name use human things in it or something like Tearingclaws or Raventerror. Say if your kit name was Petalkit, your apprentice's name would be Petalpaw, and you warrior name could be anything from Petalpelt to Petalheart. Some examples are: [[Image:Make a Clan on Animal Jam (Non Members) Step 8 Version 2.jpg|center]]
#Have fun in your clan whilst making imaginary things up like dogs running loose in the forest or twolegs attacking, and make a huge fuss and get all your elders and kits to safety while the warriors and older apprentices fight.[[Image:Make a Clan on Animal Jam (Non-Members) Step 9 Version 2.jpg|center]]
#Enjoy your clan whilst more and more people advertise it and hopefully you become famous!
== Warnings ==
*Do not do this if you have not read Warriors by Erin Hunter. You will be criticized and neglected by other clans. Also, this makes you incapable of being in a clan at all from most points of view.
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