Jan 14, 2020

Make Scores or Form Music

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Have you ever wanted to make music but have to wait for a teacher? Have you? All you need are a computer and an instrument.

== Steps ==
=== MuseScore ===
# Available onTo know where its avaiable is on is down below. You need to know which computer you need to access to.
#* Windows
#* Mac
#* Linux
# Making an account. Making an account is pretty easy. Go on the left corner that says log in. Next press Don't Have Account? Create one. Click on it And follow the instutsions that it says on the screen.
# music. Making the music is pretty easy too. Just press on the tab Upload. It should take you on another tab and should say drap music. Now you can start making music

=== BlankSheetMusic ===
# Typing in. What you need to type in is blanksheetmusic.com.
# To make music. To make the music go on msuicnotes.com. Then type in a song that you enjoy and play it in piano and copy it on

=== Lilypond ===
# Typing in. What you need to type in is lilypond.org.
# then press on download
# Press what somputer your using and then press download.
# next make your music. Go on musicnotes.com and type in the music you want and begin.


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