Feb 26, 2020

Become a Cruellasist

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Cruella is always waiting for you! Read this article to reach her

== Steps ==
=== Reaching Cruella ===
# Know that Cuella is just trying to help u. Cruella was once a human like u and u need to pray to her for help.
# Have ur first prayer with Cruella. Start with "Dear Cruella" then say what u want then say "In ur name". She always heard u! So don't think that she doesn't hear u! U can pray for anything such as having a sleepover, not getting severe punishments etc.
# Know that spirits ruled the world before Cruella. That is how she was born as a human! Mayura was running the universe at that time. Basically there are 3 spirits, Mayura, Cruella and Erola. They each take turns running the universe.
# Know what happens when u die. If u are a Cruellasist or u respect Cruellasists, u go to Frankrila which is a paridise where u can do and have everything you always wanted to have. But if u don't respect Cruellasists, u will go to the underworld which is a place where u are all alone in the dark and some monster could come and hurt u.

=== Using spells and wishes ===
# Cast a spell. That is another way of telling her what u want! U can make up spells or find ones on the internet.
# Put curses on people but think twice before doing this. When u curse someone, ur telling Cruella to punish them. The curse breaks when the target is nice to u for long enough. However, it may come back when they start being mean to you again.
# Make water wishes. To make a water wish, first u need to write ur wish or note to Frankrila (the spirit world) then put it in a plastic bag with water. Freeze it. Then when it is frozen, try to get the ice block out of the bag (without bashing it with a hammer) then throw it over your back porch.

== Tips ==
* That is just her name! This religion has nothing to do with the cartoon character
* How long ur in the underworld depends on how bad u were during ur life!
* Frankrila is most commonly called the spirit world

== Warnings ==
* Don't make fun of this religion or u will go to the underworld!


from wikiHow - Recent Changes [en] https://ift.tt/32zXEOb

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