Feb 25, 2020

Cover Dry Skin Without It Looking Patchy.

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Makeup is a big part of our society today. From special youtube channels for it to experimenting in your basement, makeup is becoming more popular. One popular makeup look is all natural, now I know that sounds funny considering makeup isn't natural but there are a few ways to achieve this. There are plenty of different products to try until you find the perfect one for you. Some of these products include concealer, primer, pore eraser, setting spray and foundation. There's also plenty of different brands such as Elf, Kylie Cosmetics, Too Faced, Urban Decay, and plenty more. The natural look all starts with your skin, one thing that can be very frustrating is dry skin. Even more frustrating is trying to cover dry skin without it looking horrible. But don’t worry because skin is exactly where we are going to start!

== Steps ==
# Step 1- Gather your prefered makeup items such as primer,concealer, pore eraser, setting spray, foundation and an applicator.
# Step 2-  Put a small amount of the primer onto your face and rub in until it’s been completely absorbed.
# Step 3- Let the primer dry completely into your skin for about 5 minutes.
# Step 4- Use your choice of pore eraser next, apply a desirable amount onto your skin.
# Step 5- Use your choice of concealer, and start with a small amount for this first layer.
# Step 6- Once you have put the concealer onto your face, grab your applicator and wet it with warm water.
# Step 7- Using the now wet applicator spread the concealer onto your face until you see it’s completely covered.
# Step 8- Spray this layer of your concealer with setting spray.
# Step 9- Again use your concealer to even out discoloration and/or places that may need extra concealer such as a pimple.
# Step 10- Spray with the setting spray.
# Step 11- Using a similar colored foundation, lightly cover the dry patches on your face.
# Step 12- Again using your wet applicator spread your foundation into your skin until the dry patches are completely covered.
# Step 13- Finally, spray your face with the setting spray one final time. And you should be all set!

== Tips ==
* If your skin is extremely dry try using hydrating products. Some of these include aloe and witch hazel infused setting spray and concealers.
* Drinking plenty of water can help reduce dry skin.
* Use non drying face wash/makeup wipes when removing your makeup to prevent dryness.

== Warnings ==
* Make sure you are not allergic to any products you may use
* Makeup can get messy so make sure to clean your hands well before touching clothes etc.

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