Feb 4, 2020

Find Out if Someone Is LGBTQ

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When you have a crush on someone, and your not sure about their sexuality, or trying to find the truth about your friend's sexuality, it can be hard. That is why i'm here.

== Steps ==
=== Talking to Them ===
# First you need to have a conversation with the "target." This should just be a normal, natural conversation.
#* Start by going up to the person and saying hi.
#* Talk like you normally would with anyone.
#* Make sure that you are friends, so when you move to the next step, it will not be akward.

=== Asking Them The Question ===
# You need to ask them about their sexuality normally. Start by bringing up dating, or talking about crushes. Usually this can help you make a smooth transition.
#* Randomly asking after talking about something like pets is NOT the way to go.
#* Try to not say things like, "So, enough about your brother, are you part of the LGBTQ community?" Sudden things like this will NOT help you at all.

== Tips ==
* Don't push them to answer.
* If they ask why YOU asked, answer with something like, "I was just very curious. There are a lot of people like that these days."
* If they reverse the question, always answer truthfully.

== Warnings ==
* If they ask you the same question DON'T PANIC. They may believe that you are a part of the community even if you aren't.


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