Feb 6, 2020

Put a Ball Through a Persons Legs

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if you like to destroy your friends in ball and embarrass them for clout then you would love this move

== Steps ==
=== Basic one ===
#* dribble up and try to get the person into a low defencive stance
#* the best way to do this is by dribbling the ball continually through your legs and pounding the ball at them
#* if you see they are in the position that their legs are wide enough to put the ball through then aim carefully and bounce it through
#* after that they will have no idea what hit them and you could easily go to the hoop for a layup

=== Advanced ===
#* say you can easily do the first one and want something challenging
#* if you do the same steps and change the last one you can
#* once you put it through thier legs once they will be in shcok
#* to totally destroy them you can puut the ball back between there legs from behind and shoot a jumper

== Tips ==
* When you first start doing these you should keep your head watching the ball until you can do it easilyand make sure there legs are wide enoughthe good news is after you do one of these your competition will keep their legs close together,Putting them off balance and easy to get by or sauce up

== Warnings ==
* Don't try this in a organized basketball game unless its a one on one fastbreak or it will be stole by the person behind your defender


from wikiHow - Recent Changes [en] https://ift.tt/387xzrI

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