Feb 6, 2020

Turn Into a Tomato

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So you want to become a tomato. There is a great way to do this!

== Steps ==
# Plant tomatoes in your garden.
# Eat them every day.
# Pray to to the ultimate tomato god.
# Go to sleep.
# Wake up and eat another tomato.
# Repeat the previous steps for a week.
# Talk to your tomatoes.
# Pray to the tomato god again.
# If you did everything correctly, the transformation progress should have begun. Check for the following: Becoming Shorter, Red Skin, or Craving For Tomatoes.
# Congrats! You are a tomato now.

== Tips ==
* Encourage your friends and family to do the same.

== Warnings ==
* Only red tomatoes work. Green ones make you throw up instead.

from wikiHow - Recent Changes [en] https://ift.tt/2H3OgIE

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