Feb 25, 2020

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Tooth Extraction Dentist Brooklyn\r\n\r\n5221 Church Ave, 1st floor\r\nBrooklyn, NY 11203\r\n\r\n(347) 704-5970\r\n\r\nhttps://dentalofficebrooklyn.com/periodontics/tooth-extraction/\r\n\r\nMon - Thur 12 a m - 6 pm\r\nFri 12:30am - 5:00 pm\r\n \r\nAll cc, cash \r\n \r\nTooth extraction is an extreme measure in modern dentistry that promotes caries prevention and tooth-preserving technologies. Yet, the loss of at least one dental unit is fraught with serious functional and aesthetic problems. For example, the removal of a sixth molar is extremely undesirable, because it is very important for chewing food. Unfortunately, not all patients understand that and continue to delay visit to a dentist which can lead to serious consequences.\r\n

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