Mar 2, 2020

DIY Your Death

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Death is usually a complicated process. Its not easy to kill yourself seeing as the success rate is not as high as we'd like it to be. Hanging yourself is too much effort and slitting your throat is messy to clean up; that's why this DIY how to die, step by step program will provide you the easiest, least messy and most resourceful suicide.

== Steps ==
# Get in the mood.Killing yourself not only require physical preperations, with the materials, but it also requires financial and mental instability. To be able to go through with it, (and by 'it' I mean killing yourself'), you need to get in the worst state of mind possible.
# Don't Breathe.This step is one of the hardest. Not breathing is an art form that may take many years of training. Simply block your airways and prepare for death.
# You shouldn't be here.If you're at step three then this program has failed you. I apologise deeply.

== Tips ==
* Just do it.

== Warnings ==
* Results may vary. Some results contain death.

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