Mar 3, 2020

Super Tuesday Poll Results: Winners, Losers & What It All Means

Super Tuesday is the defining day of primary season, with 14 states and one territory voting in primaries or caucuses totaling around 40% of the U.S. population. There are 1,357 delegates up for grabs, including 415 in California and 228 in Texas, which is a huge number considering a candidate needs 1,991 to grab the nomination according to Democratic National Committee (DNC) rules.

This night is key in determining who the Democratic nominee will be. Before any polls closed on Tuesday evening, pundits essentially declared this a Sen. Bernie Sanders and former VP Joe Biden race, especially given Sanders’ wins in New Hampshire and Nevada and Biden’s sweep in South Carolina this past Saturday. But don’t count out Sen. Elizabeth Warren yet: There’s the important argument that the media has created a self-fulfilling prophecy around “electability” that discounts women, and the numbers do not, as of now, make her loss inevitable.

We’ll be tuning in to the big race — and several smaller races, like the progressive Jessica Cisneros running for a U.S. House seat in Texas — tonight, and tracking important news and results here. Follow the live blog, ahead.

North Carolina: Joe Biden

As of around 7 p.m., Joe Biden is the projected winner in North Carolina.

Vermont: Bernie Sanders

Drumroll, please! As of around 7 p.m., Sen. Bernie Sanders is the projected winner in Vermont. No surprise there in Bernie’s home state.

Virginia: Joe Biden

As of around 7 p.m., Joe Biden is the projected winner in Virginia. The Commonwealth may be getting bluer, but it looks to be leaning more moderate than progressive tonight, based on an exit poll. (MSNBC reports that Biden has already stopped for an ice cream cone tonight and has been wearing his aviator glasses.)

Early exit polls showed that healthcare is top of mind for voters.

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